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3. Prepay your tuition fees

22 November 2023

International students must have a valid student visa to study in NZ and need to provide evidence they have prepaid their tuition fees as part of a visa application. 


Pre-pay your tuition fees

You will need to include evidence you have pre-paid your fees with your visa application. See Immigration New Zealand for more information. The amount you need to pre-pay will be shown as a fees estimate on your Offer of Place. 

Your Offer of Place can be found in your Document Library in myUC (top right-hand corner). 


Details of different payment methods are listed on our How to pay your fees page. 


TIP: If the amount you pre-pay is different from your final fees total, you will be charged or refunded the difference later. If you are unable to complete your enrolment (eg if  your visa application is declined) Student Finance will arrange a refund of your pre-paid tuition fees. 


If you have a valid visa to study at UC you will not need to pre-pay your fees, and can instead pay your fees when you receive your Enrolment Agreement.

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