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Double degrees

25 September 2023

You can enrol in two degrees and cross-credit (share) courses in common up to a maximum of 120 points. Certain combinations of degrees allow additional cross-credits or exemptions.


If you are keen to study two degrees at the same time, we recommend you get advice from each department you want to study with. Learn more about double degrees at UC.


General degree combinations

The following general degrees can all be combined with one another: 


Law degree combinations

The Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Criminal Justice double degree is a particularly popular option for those interested in criminal law and the justice system. To complete this option, you will take LAWS101 instead of the two CRJU compulsory courses in the BCJ in first year, and complete LAWS202 instead of CRJU202 in the BCJ in second year. 

The combination of a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Commerce is another popular option if you want to pursue a career in business or management. Often this can be completed in five-and-a-half years, although this will involve increased course loads in some years. If you want to complete in the minimum time, you must complete the two compulsory courses and the 75-point non-Law component (five non-Law courses) of the Bachelor of Laws in the first year. You will need to plan your courses carefully to avoid overload.


Engineering degree combinations

The length of time it will take to complete these combinations will depend on the major or specialisation you choose. It is advised to seek advice to ensure all requirements for each degree are met.


Other possible degree combinations

For the full requirements for each degree

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