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09 September 2023

With over 120 qualifications in more than 150 subject areas, UC offers a diverse range of study options. Whether you are keen to study towards a degree, certificate, diploma, or microcredential, search the options available and find the study path that is right for you.


UC offers qualifications at a range of levels, starting with undergraduate degrees for those new to university through to advanced research degrees.

UC’s Bachelor's degrees equip you to solve the problems of the future. Whether you already have your career path mapped out, or are open to new possibilities, you will be able to find an undergraduate degree to suit your interests and goals.

If you are not sure if you want to commit to a degree, but have a specific interest you want to learn more about, then an undergraduate certificate or diploma could be a great option for you. 

If you have already completed a bachelor’s degree, Graduate certificates and diplomas may be for you. Graduate degrees can serve to increase the value of your undergraduate degree in the job market or be a first step to a new career.

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas are often undertaken by those looking for professional development. The short period of study allows you to gain additional skills and a recognised qualification without a long term commitment.

If you are passionate about a particular subject, completing an honours degree brings you the opportunity to go deeper with a personalised study programme.

Most honours programmes comprise courses in one subject, though most programmes give you the option of including one to two courses from another subject.

Master's degrees are a way of advancing your understanding and skill in your undergraduate major, or, in some cases, a new area of study. A master's degree builds on the general skills acquired in an undergraduate degree.

Perhaps you have a burning intellectual curiosity about something, want to advance your career into academic research or increase your employability and earning capacity. Doctoral degrees are the highest level of qualification at university.

If you want to complete an individual course or courses but not a full qualification, you may apply for a Certificate of Proficiency.

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