Exam dates, rooms and timetables

The Examination Timetable for the End-of-year Examination will be released on Monday 14 September.

Please note that The Examination Timetable assumes that UC is operating at Levels 1 & 2. If we move to Level 3, the timetable will change.


Start times and entry information

The Mid-year Examination Period is two weeks in duration.  Examination start times may not adhere to the normal 9.30am and 2.30pm. 

The End-of-year Examination Period is two weeks in duration.  Exams will start at 9.30am, 2.30pm and 6.30pm.  The evening session will consist of exams that have a maximum duration of two hours.

You may not enter an examination room later than 45 minutes after the start of the examination.

No alternative sitting will be available if you miss your exam or arrive after 10.15am (for a morning exam), 3.15pm (for an afternoon exam) or 7.15pm (for an evening exam).  An exception to this is if you have valid grounds as covered under the regulations for Special Consideration.




Mid-year Examination Period: Monday 8 June to Saturday 20 June inclusive.

End-of-year Examination Period: Tuesday 27 October to Saturday 7 November inclusive.

2021 provisional examination dates are available at Key Dates.


The examination timetable is normally released at the end of the fifth week of each semester.

End-of-year Examination Timetable

Please note that The Examination Timetable assumes that UC is operating at Levels 1 & 2. If we move to Level 3, the timetable will change.

Examination Timetable in Course Order (Updated 14 September)

Examination Timetable in Date Order (Updated 14 September)

Each student will receive a personal e-mail which lists all the examinations/tests that are scheduled in the Exam Period.

Please make sure that you check the dates and times of your examinations carefully.

Students are expected to be available to sit their exams on-campus, at the dates/times scheduled unless there are reasons outside of your control (eg international "pathway" students or students enrolled in (D) courses who reside out of the wider Christchurch area).

Students registered for Special Arrangements with the Equity & Disability Service will receive additional examination details closer to the Examination Period.

The exam rooms will be released on the last day of lectures: Friday, 16 October.

Getting Help

The Academic Skills Centre will provide help with revision and exam preparation and other academic matters.

The UC Health Centre will run workshops on stress management.

Examination instructions 

Read the Examination Instructions before reporting for your examination.

Transition Programmes 

For more information see the Transition Programmes website.