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Student story

Matthew Amos

20 July 2023

"I found it easy to enjoy university at UC..."


Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Statistics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Mathematics and Political Science and International Relations

Policy Analyst, Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education


What does your work involve at the Ministry of Education?

As a Policy Analyst, I help advise decision-makers on what they should do and why. That’s often a minister, but it can also be leaders at the Ministry.

I work on the school funding system, where we decide how much resourcing different schools get.

That must be really satisfying work!

I know that a job done well improves children’s lives. That makes work easy to enjoy.

So what was the inspiration behind doing a double degree in Arts and Science?

I decided to change degrees at the end of my second year. I came to do Engineering, and by the time I changed my mind I was too well settled in to consider anywhere else!

I wanted to study something I was really interested in and would lead into fulfilling career. Economics did both.

Has all those subjects helped in your career so far?

Yes, more than I expected! I think Economics provides an essential framework to understand policy and think through what impacts a change might have. My Econometrics and Statistics study has been particularly helpful. Government has a lot of data but using it well is challenging. I’ve also found the writing style you learn in Philosophy suits policy well.

And Philosophy was what first led you to UC?

I did a Philosophy STAR course in Year 13, which I enjoyed. Getting a taste of university before you start is very helpful. It lets you make better decisions about what and how to study.

I found it easy to enjoy university at UC. For me, it was a good place to work out what I wanted out of life and how to get there.

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