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Student story

Quynh Thi Nhu Nguyen (Trudy)

20 July 2023

"I have fun learning the ways in which numbers can represent the real world..."


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics

Trudy's decision to move to New Zealand was centred on the country's safety, scenery and the university system that was fitting to her personality and career goals.

"I wanted the balance between study, work and leisure, so my family and I decided that New Zealand was the best choice for me."

Prior to coming to UC, Trudy spent eight months in Auckland for her Foundation year. After completion she soon decided to move to UC and the serenity of the South island.

Trudy enjoys UC's natural landscape and academic atmosphere which motivates her study psyche.

"The campus is clustered with the different academic departments - I love the fact that between the buildings there are so many trees and beautiful walkways. I was literally in love the first time I saw the campus covered in red and gold leaves during autumn. It was a truly breathe-taking scene."

Trudy is the recipient of the Dean's Award Scholarship as an excelling student. Her Bachelor of Science studies have been driven by the desire to become a secondary school teacher.

"If you want to become a teacher, you need to be able to teach subjects that you enjoy. I enjoy studying both Mathematics and Economics and that's why I chose them as my majors."

Her love for number crunching is nurtured by her lecturers. "I have fun learning the ways in which numbers can represent the real world, to me it is fascinating how complex matters are explained by formulas and graphs," she says.

Trudy's goal after graduation is to continue onto UC's secondary teaching graduate diploma, and to eventually become a teacher.

Outside of study, Trudy is an executive of the Student Volunteer Army (SVA), one of the largest clubs on campus offering community welfare events. Joining the SVA has helped Trudy settle into life in Christchurch nicely, and make plenty of friends and connections.

She says, "The SVA executive members are some of the most talented and passionate people I have ever met. They are very respectful of my cultural background and always offer to help me with anything I need. It has been an awesome year working with them and I am honestly very thankful for the experience."

As an international student Trudy appreciates how everyone at UC are very helpful. "The University cares a lot for us and I can feel that the UCSA executives are always trying to improve the experiences for international students here."

Trudy currently flats with her friend at a nice house close to campus. "A friend of mine in Christchurch offered me a room in her house when I was searching for accommodation, and ever since I've lived with her!"

During her free time, Trudy enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. "I put on my favourite playlist while I cook – and that I would call a perfect day!"

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