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23 November 2023

You can register online for the Centre for Assessment and Monitoring (CAM) tests, assessments, surveys, and competitions. There's a separate registration form for each assessment so make sure you complete the correct form. Learn more and register for CAM.


You can register for CAM tests, assessments, surveys and competitions online. There is a separate registration form for each assessment so ensure you complete the correct form.

Click on CAM Cost Calculator to estimate costs and rates per student/assessment.  

Please read our Terms and Conditions before registering.


Value-added assessments

Please note that value-added registrations are due in November of each year.

More information about Value-added assessments.

More information about BASE11.

More information about VA-12 and VA-13.


Entrance Tests

More information about Year 7 and 9 entrance tests for English, maths and reasoning skills.

Attitude engagement surveys

More information about SAES 7-10

More information about SAES.

More information about TAES.


Kiwi Competitions for English, Maths, Science and Kiwi Spelling Bee.

For more information about Kiwi Competitions and to Register Now

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