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23 November 2023

Student Attitude and Engagement Survey (SAES) is for students in years 11 to 13. It investigates student attitudes and school-wide trends that impact student achievement and engagement. Learn more about SAES.


The survey is administered online and the comprehensive online feedback illustrates what makes your school unique. This can inform the evidence-based decision making process, help with target setting and strategic planning. When used in conjunction with our value added assessments the survey can explain the trends in achievement data.The survey is typically administered at the beginning of Term 3 but may be used at any time during the school year.

The survey covers:

  • Students’ perceptions of their school facilities, teachers and the classroom environment.
  • Students’ attitudes to learning, work experience, assignments, coursework and study skills.
  • Students’ involvement in paid and unpaid work and their attitude to work.
  • Students’ future aspirations and career goals.
  • Attitudes to the school.
  • Perceptions of subjects, effective teaching practices and barriers to learning.
  • Preferred ways of learning.

SAES can be used in conjunction with the Teacher Attitude and Engagement Survey (TAES) to provide a comprehensive overview of school wide issues and trends.

SAES prices

The SAES (10-13) $4.75 per student per year group.

Please note that prices are exclusive of GST.

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