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CAM terms and conditions

23 November 2023

By registering for a CAM assessment or survey, schools are contractually obligated to abide by the CAM terms and conditions. Learn more.


CAM Terms and Conditions

By registering for any of the CAM assessments or surveys, schools are contractually obligated to abide by the terms and conditions below:

  • In New Zealand, CAM projects (value-added projects, attitude surveys and entrance assessments) may only be provided by CAM, University of Canterbury, Christchurch. 
  • CAM projects are provided by CAM through a contract between the school and CAM.
  • Each different CAM project requires a separate contract with the school.
  • Schools are expected to administer CAM project materials under strict examination conditions.
  • Correspondence between the school and CAM is conducted through a coordinator appointed by the school.
  • All CAM projects and associated materials are copyright to CAM and copying or photocopying any part of the tests, surveys or assessments is not permitted.
  • To ensure validity, CAM projects may only be used by the school for the purpose for which the material was designed.
  • Schools are expected to maintain strict confidentiality of all test and assessment materials, which should not be shared or lent to any other party.
  • Results are released solely to the school contracted with CAM for a specific project.
  • CAM maintains strict confidentiality of all results, which are not discussed with or released to any other party.
  • Results are not released to parents or tutors and any queries by such parties will be directed back to the school that has contracted CAM.
  • Results are used for the analysis of generalised trends which may be published. Confidentiality and anonymity will be strictly maintained. There will not be any reference to your school or students.
No public release of materials
  • Under the contract with schools, CAM does not provide any commercially available mock exams, previous materials, practice papers or sample materials for use by parents or tutors.
  • CAM aims to reduce any disadvantage created by children who are tutored for their tests, assessments or attitude surveys in comparison to those who are not. CAM firmly believes that children should not be tutored for our CAM tests and assessments which are designed to enable all children to demonstrate their natural ability without the need for excessive preparation.
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