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Living Well

20 June 2024

Our researchers explore developmental and learning indicators from infants to adolescents in behaviour, nutrition, language, and education. Learn more about Living Well at UC.


As the global population continues to grow, we must take steps today to ensure people are able to live well now and into the future.

Living well means making choices today that will benefit everyone in the future. University of Canterbury researchers are exploring all aspects of living well, including the effects of our built environment – facilities and conveniences in our communities and how we move around – access to health services, public health policy and initiatives, and using data to identify trends and inform decision-making.

The University of Canterbury is home to the Child Well-being Research Institute, which explores ways to enhance the learning success and healthy wellbeing of children and young people. The approach focuses on infants, children and adolescents and their whānau, family and community – people who are influential in the lives of developing children.

Te Taiwhenua o te Hauora | GeoHealth Laboratory researchers study areas of health geography, spatial epidemiology and Geographical Information Systems to better understand local and national contexts that shape health outcomes and inequalities.

University of Canterbury academics led the establishment of the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research housed at St George’s Hospital. The clinic helps people recover and regain independence following stroke through speech therapy and swallowing rehabilitation.


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