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Resilient Cities and Communities

22 January 2024

Lying on the boundary of two great slowly shifting tectonic plates in the Pacific ring of fire, Aotearoa | New Zealand provides unique opportunities for researchers to explore the effects of natural disasters. Find out about Resilient Cities and Communities at UC.


There is no question that Ōtautahi Christchurch and Waitaha Canterbury have developed a reputation nationally and globally for city and community resilience.

University of Canterbury researchers are leaders in building back stronger, smarter and more efficiently, developing innovative technologies, policy advancements and strategies for city and community resilience to share with the world.

Working with the community, researchers at the University of Canterbury have emerged as leaders in infrastructure, city planning and strategies for building future resilience. Our researchers teach unique courses designed to empower students to generate real-world solutions as we face climate change challenges in the coming years.

The University of Canterbury is the home of QuakeCoREfunded by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission, which focuses on research to understand and improve how our communities recover after major earthquakes; the Institute of Law, Emergencies and Disasters, a cluster of cross-disciplinary researchers working on all aspects of law, governance and policy related to disasters; and the Cluster for Community and Urban Resilience, a transdisciplinary team seeking to build the resilience of our communities through innovative, collaborative and inclusive research focused on equitable and sustainable urban systems.


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