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Writing CVs and job applications

21 September 2023

Writing a targeted CV and job application is a life skill. Our interactive tools and self-help guides can help you write your CV, Cover Letter, and set up a LinkedIn Profile. Learn more about writing CVs and job applications.


A CV is a summary of your personal, education and work history to help you sell your skills to an employer. A well planned and targeted CV will considerably boost your chances of getting to the interview stage, so it’s worth spending some time and effort on it. Use the step-by-step guides and tools to help you write your CV:

A cover letter is the first opportunity you have to impress an employer and positively influence them to read your CV.

Many employers require you to application forms and usually ask for similar information required in a CV. 

Refer to the guide to Application forms (PDF 69KB) to help you fill out an application form in full.

LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional network. Your LinkedIn profile can evolve as you learn new skills, achieve new accomplishments and enter new phases of your career. You can also use LinkedIn to identify opportunities by networking.

Follow these easy steps and tutorials to help you share your professional story through LinkedIn:

Set up your LinkedIn profile

Networking on LinkedIn

Top tips for LinkedIn networking: Add people you know and the industry leaders that inspire you. It's also worth getting in touch with UC alumni who work in the companies you're interested in to conduct an information interview and learn more about the employer or their career experience. Connect and follow company profiles on LinkedIn to update you with the latest employer insights.

LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Boost your LinkedIn Profile

Book a one-on-one LinkedIn appointment

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