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Build your skills

14 September 2023

As a UC student and graduate, you'll develop key skills and attributes to set you apart from other university graduates. From skill-building courses to entrepreneurial skills, find out how to build your skills. 


Throughout your time at university, you have many opportunities to develop the core competencies through academic learning, project work, internships, clubs, societies and volunteering in the wider community.

Your time studying will have equipped you with a range of transferable skills that will serve you well in your professional life. You simply need to spend a little time labelling those skills that you have developed on a day-to-day basis and identifying the strategies that have stood you in good stead. 

Watch this: Key transferable skills you learn in education

Ways to build skills while you study

Take the Workplace skills online programme

From commercial awareness and basic finance to problem-solving and decision-making, teamwork, negotiation and leadership skills. The courses, videos and e-learning in this programme will provide you with the fundamental understanding that will make you work-ready.

Have a go at these tutorials and short courses to build on your core professional skills and attributes:

Bonus: Add these skills to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. Check out LinkedIn tips here

What skills do Aotearoa New Zealand employers want?

In addition to your academic degree, employers want graduates with transferrable soft skills (human skills), relevant work experience, ambition and adaptability for the 21st century. Transferable skills are the skills and abilities you have developed throughout your life from experiences such as study, work, hobbies, community service and travel. These skills can be easily transferred from one job to another.

There are seven skills that employers say are essential for the workplace. These are all transferable skills you may have developed through your life experience.

  1. Positive attitude – you're calm and cheerful when things go wrong
  2. Communication – you can listen and say things clearly when you speak or write
  3. Teamwork – you can work well with other people
  4. Self-management – you're organised and always arrive on time
  5. Willingness to learn – you want to learn new things to improve your skills
  6. Thinking skills (problem-solving and decision making) – you try and solve problems or can see when something won't work
  7. Resilience – you don't let problems hold you back

How to build skills as an Entrepreneur

  • UC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) provides students with opportunities to build capabilities in entrepreneurship and innovation. All activities are connected with external organisations, enabling our students to gain real-world hands-on experience. UCE’s programmes and events are open to all UC students regardless of the degree or year. No prior experience is required. 
  • Guide to Entrepreneurship (PDF 45KB)

 For more entrepreneurial support, connect with these organisations: 

Building skills through Assistive Technology

The Student Accessibility Services assists our differently-enabled student community with appropriate, specialist study support services and resources, including assistive technology for learning. 


Skills employers are looking for

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