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Starting a new job and my work rights

21 September 2023

To start your new job on the right foot it helps to prepare a bit. Find out what you can do to make a positive impression and learn which pitfalls to look out for. Learn more about starting a new job.


You made it!

This section is about knowing how to start your new job off on the right foot. There is the preparation you can do before you even step foot in the door. In addition, these tasks offer advice about what you can do to make a truly positive impression and the pitfalls to look out for whether it's your very first job or you're taking on a more senior role.

As a UC student and graduate, you have free access to your online career centre so you can keep your career development learning going. 

Give this tutorial a go: Preparing for Work

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are vital to a new role

Meetings at Work

Get to grips with preparing, facilitating and leading meetings

Self Development

Explore the value of building a career plan at work

Know your work rights

Employment rights 

Aotearoa New Zealand has laws that help keep workplaces fair. You should be aware of the rules and your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

  • The NZ Human Rights A-Z Employment Guide is a helpful resource to answer some frequently asked questions, enquiries and complaints to the Human Rights Commission.
  • Diversity Works NZ is the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • UC's Student Accessibility Service provides helpful information about the services and resources available for students with a disability, with links to community agencies.
  • UC Legal Help services including Community Law Canterbury, Canterbury Migrants Centre, New Zealand Law Society
  • UC Law Clinic This confidential service, under the supervision of a qualified and practising solicitor, will be available on selected Wednesday afternoons from 2 pm to 5 pm. The UC Law Clinic is located in Room 151A on the Meremere (Business and Law) Building, University Drive. 
  • Citizens Advice Bureau

Work rights | International Students

Immigration New Zealand is the first point of reference for understanding your work rights in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Working on a student visa
  • Refer to the The Live & Work Website - the official government guide to living and working in New Zealand
  • Working in New Zealand explores the key job markets, industries, the Kiwi way of work and support available to migrant workers.
  • Work Connect is a free programme to help migrants, including international students, prepare for the New Zealand job market. It's funded by Immigration New Zealand and is available in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and online
  • NauMai NZ is your place for information on life as an international student in New Zealand

Legal Help 

There are many types of problems that can arise in the workplace including:

  • Misconduct and serious misconduct
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Incompatibility
  • Medical incapacity
  • Migrant exploitation

Refer to Employment New Zealand for specific steps employers and employees can take to resolve these problems.

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