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Wifi at the halls

21 December 2023

UCwireless and eduroam Wi-Fi networks are available in all UC halls of residence. Find out more about Wi-Fi at the halls.


See the Wireless access at UC page for more information on wireless configuration, performance tips and coverage.

Wired LAN Connection (Ethernet)

Broadband internet using a wired (Ethernet) connection is provided by 2degrees Broadband. UC halls bedrooms in the following residences have computer network outlets:

  • Arcady Hall
  • College House
  • Kōawa Halls - Hayashi
  • Ilam Student Accommodation
  • Kirkwood Avenue Hall
  • Kirkwood Flats
  • Rochester and Rutherford Hall
  • Tupuānuku
  • Kōawa Halls - Sonoda
  • University Hall
How to connect to Ethernet

Connect your computer to the network outlet in your room using an Ethernet cable.  Some rooms may have two outlets but generally only one will be live - if you cannot successfully connect to one outlet then please try the other one. Once connected you should have access to the internet and most UC resources.  


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