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15 January 2024

UC provides various storage tools for our students and staff. You can use any combination of the options that best suit your needs. Check out our storage options.


UC provides various storage tools for students and staff.  You can use any combination of options best suited to your needs.

  • Dropbox: Academic and research staff can use Dropbox via our enterprise license.
  • Onedrive for Busines:  this is the default storage option provided to students as part of their Office 365 account.  This is not currently available to staff.
  • P drive: everyone with a UC IT account is given a personal network drive to store files for their use only.
  • K and U drives: staff  (academic, research and general) are able to request and/or access K or U drives to store data they wish to share with other members of staff.
Local storage options for staff

K Drive: a shared departmental drive that is backed up daily. 

U Drive: a universal/shared drive that all departments have access to. Access is specifically set up for appropriate users eg, between HR and ITS. 

To request:

  • access to,
  • creation of, or
  • restoration of

data stored in these locations, click here.

SharePoint - Increasing numbers of Departments across UC are storing data on SharePoint, a content and document management system that is accessed through an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.

Click here to request access to SharePoint or to make an enquiry about this service.

Personal (P) drives

Students and staff automatically receive a personal “P Drive” when their IT account is set-up. This storage space is hosted locally on UC servers.

Read the IT Policy Framework here.

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