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Connecting to UCvisitor

15 January 2024

UC offers free temporary internet use for any visitors on campus who need to connect. Learn more about connecting to our UCvisitor Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to UCvisitor WiFi
  1. Select the UCvisitor network from your wifi icons or settings and click connect. This will open the UCvisitor webpage in your default browser asking you to enter your username and password - leave these blank (you do not have these details yet).
  2. On the lower section of this web page, select the register button then enter your name, cellphone number and email address.
  3. Read and accept the terms of use by selecting the radio button next to 'I accept terms of use' and then select register button.
  4. Select Login link. The username will automatically show the email address you entered previously, if not please enter your email address.
  5. Please enter the password you received via the SMS text message and select login button.
Requesting access to the Visitor WiFi for guests

Visitors whose stay on campus is less than four weeks may obtain a UCvisitor guest account by getting the department that they are visiting to sponsor them.

Staff can also request a UCvisitor guest account for conferences. Only one UCvisitor guest account needs to be generated for a conference as the one conference account can be used by all conference attendees. 

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