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Semester 2 accommodation

19 March 2024

Whether you're a new student or currently living at home or flatting, a hall of residence experience might be the solution to achieving your study goals for Semester 2 (July-December). Find out about Semester 2 accommodation at UC.

Halls of residence are:

    360 panoramas and videos are available to view.

    Accommodation is limited - applications will be prioritised if there is demand for rooms.

    Current options available are:

    Ilam Student Accommodation - All students (single room)
    Campus Houses - Second Year Plus (single or double room)
    Hayashi - Second Year Plus (single or double room)
    Sonoda - Second Year Plus (single room)

    For details, see below:


    FULLY-CATERED (First Year Only)

    Arcady HallNot available

    College HouseNot available

    Ilam Student Accommodation - Hīnau6 July - 23 November$5,160 + meal plan$850$258 + meal plan
    Ilam Student Accommodation - KōwhaiNot available$5,440 + meal plan$850$272 + meal plan
    Rochester and Rutherford HallNot available

    Tupuānuku - SingleNot available$9,960$850$498
    Tupuānuku - Single ensuiteNot available$10,680$850$534
    University Hall - West (standard room)Not available$8,620$850$431
    University Hall - East (standard room)Not available$9,680$850$484
    University Hall - East (flats)Not available$10,120$850$506
    • 14 week meal plan includes lunch (on-site or on-campus) and dinner on site - $170 per week.
    • 19 week meal plan includes meals at Tupuānuku (brunch at weekends) - $194 per week.

    SELF-CATERED (First Year Only)

    Ilam Student Accommodation - Hīnau6 July - 23 November$5,160$850$258
    Ilam Student Accommodation - KōwhaiNot available$5,440$850$272
    Kirkwood Avenue Hall - SingleNot available$5,300$850 $265
    Kirkwood Avenue Hall - Single ensuiteNot available$5,980$850$299
    SELF-CATERED (Second Year Plus)

    Campus Houses - Single1 July - 2 December$5,500$700$250
    Campus Houses - Double1 July - 2 December$5,940$700$270
    Hayashi - Single (2:5 bathroom ratio) 1 July - 2 December$5,984$700 $272
    Hayashi - Premium Single (1:2 bathroom ratio)Not available$6,248$700 $284
    Hayashi - Double (2:5 bathroom ratio) 1 July - 2 December$6,248$700 $284
    Hayashi - Premium Double (1:2 bathroom ratio)Not available$6,490$700 $295
    Hayashi - Double Ensuite (single occupancy) Not available$6,732$700 $306
    Ilam Student Accommodation - Mānuka (6 bedrooms) 1 July - 2 December$3,872$700$176
    Ilam Student Accommodation - Hīnau (3-5 bedrooms) 1 July - 2 December$5,676$700$258
    Ilam Student Accommodation - Kōwhai (6 bedrooms)Not available$5,984$700$272
    Ilam Student Accommodation - Hīnau (2 bedroom) 1 July - 2 December$7,568$700$344
    Sonoda Christchurch Campus - Single1 July - 2 December$5,412 $700 $246

    Of the required deposit, the Contingency Fee is refundable at the end of your stay.  This amount will differ between halls.

    Apply for a hall of residence

    Applications for Semester 2 are open now. Rooms will be offered on a pro rata basis. Apply online here

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