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Apply for a hall of residence

17 October 2023

The online application form takes 30-40 minutes to complete.  View our 6 minute video below for information on the application process for first year students, key dates and how to apply.


Complete an online application

Which halls can I apply to?  View the which hall flow chart  to guide you to appropriate options depending on your age and level of study.

The first part of your application is a registration, in which you will select a username and password.  This will enable you to exit and come back to your application if you need to.  Please note that once you click "Save & Continue" at the end of a page, you are able to go back and edit that page but once you have accepted the "Declaration and Consent" page at the end of your application, any changes will need to be emailed to Accommodation Services.


Provide a reference

You can arrange a reference in support of your application at any time.  See below or view our application process flow chart.

Under 18 international students

Under 18 international students must stay in a fully-catered hall of residence to comply with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.  Homestay or with a designated caregiver is preferred.  Students studying through the UC International College (UCIC) must apply for homestay.

First preference - Arcady Hall, College House, Kirkwood Avenue Hall, Rochester and Rutherford Hall, Tupuānuku, or University Hall (first year halls)

These halls are typically for school leavers (17-19 years of age).  First year students over 20 on arrival are recommended to apply for Ilam Student Accommodation. 

First preference - Campus Houses, Hayashi, Ilam Student Accommodation, or Sonoda 

Students on an official Study Abroad or Exchange Programme, and Manaaki NZ Scholarship recipients are not required to provide a reference.

All students under 20 on arrival

  • A Common Confidential Reference Form (CCRF) is required for 2023 or 2024 NZ school leavers.  Start this process by completing your part at NZCCRF Student Registration for Accommodation References form.  If you are unable to provide a CCRF, email Accommodation Services/Te Ratonga Nohonga 
  • For students currently not living in New Zealand, a written school reference or character reference is acceptable.  An appropriate referee would be an agent, employer, landlord, lecturer/tutor or minister - someone who knows you well but is not a friend or family member.  

All students 20 and over on arrival

First Year Student Application Process

Applying for a hall of residence

The application process for a hall of residence starts before the enrolment process, so most students will apply for a hall of residence even before being accepted into the university. 

Applications for the Academic Year or Semester 1 (February) open on 1 August in the year prior to study.

Applications for Semester 2 (July) are due 1 May in the year of study. Late applications will be accepted if places are available. 

Next steps

Submitting an application does not guarantee you a place in a hall of residence. All halls run a selection process. Halls aim to select students from various backgrounds and abilities to establish a well-rounded student community within the hall. 

The selection process will run between 26 September and 6 October.  During this time applications will move between preferences but only one offer will be made.  Students who are not able to be offered a room will have the opportunity to be placed on a general waitlist for all halls, or consider an alternative hall with availability. 

PLEASE NOTE:  READ YOUR OFFER AND CONTRACT CAREFULLY.  Your contract is a legally binding document, make sure you read and understand it before signing.

Accept your offer

Once you have an offer you want to accept you need to confirm your place. You must:

  • Complete and return your contract.  If you require a car park, or have room allocation requirements, make this known to the hall on accepting your offer.
  • Pay the required deposit as specified in the offer (this amount varies from hall to hall).

If you do not return your contract by the due date, your contract will expire and your place will be offered to another student.

If you are paying for accommodation through a scholarship, please contact your hall to discuss a payment plan.

More information

If you need help with your application or have general questions, contact Accommodation Services.

Halls of Residence set their own fees, manage the selection process and send the offers.  If you have a question related to either of these, please contact your hall directly.

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