Audiovisual material

References to audiovisual material include the author(s) or primary contributor(s), date, title, format and source.

DVD and Video

Producer, A. A. (Producer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (Year). Title of video [Format e.g. DVD or Video file if retrieved online]. Place of publication: Production company.

  • Put the primary contributors in the author position.
  • Include the medium in square brackets after the title (e.g. DVD or video file if retrieved online).
  • If you sourced the video online, provide a URL for the site from which you viewed the content instead of the country of origin and studio.



Batalibasi, A. (Producer), & Pa'apa'a, L. (Producer). (2011). Pacific stories: A film project exploring Pacific Islander identities [DVD]. Melbourne, Australia: Pacific Stories.

Writer & Director

Elliott, J. (Writer), & Cullen, P. (Director). (2004). The stolen eye [DVD]. New York, NY: Admire Productions.

Streaming video

Pryor, H. (Director). (2007). The Lacandon Maya [Video file]. Retrieved from

YouTube video

Alcock, P. (2007, June 29). What is social policy? [Video file]. Retrieved from

Radio or television episode

Writer, A. A. (Writer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (year). Title of episode [Television series episode or Radio series episode]. In C. C. Producer (Executive Producer), Television or radio series name. Retrieved from http://www....


MacAskill, W. (2015). Effective altruism, doing good better [Radio series episode]. In K. Ryan (Presenter), Nine to noon. Retrieved from