Policies, regulations, and forms

  • Intellectual Property Policy - Intellectual Property (IP) is defined as any discovery, innovation, invention, form, shape, sound image, expression, technique or process which is the product of skill, effort or intellect. For a detailed list of inclusions, see the information below. The IP generated by staff and students is an important outcome of a thriving research culture. UC recognises the advantages of protecting and commercialising IP and wishes to sensibly and fairly share the benefits. This policy outlines the means by which this is achieved.
  • The Research Work for a Master's or Doctoral Thesis Code of Practice has been developed by the University of Canterbury to assist staff and students engaged in research work for a Master’s or PhD thesis with identifying the various responsibilities and related issues.
  • E‌mails to Enrolled Students Policy - The University provides email facilities to students to enable them to communicate effectively both within and outside of the university. This policy outlines the provision of such resources in section 2.4.


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Thesis submission forms

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