The Logie Collection Casts

In 1996 the Classics Department at the University of Canterbury bought a collection of thirty-six plaster casts, from a student, Colin Joyce, who was studying Classics at the time. Joyce was enthusiastic about ancient art, and particularly in Greek vases. His interests began with studies on Alexander the Great, and his passion for Greek art history grew from there. Joyce purchased many ancient artefacts from institutions all over the world, including around fifty casts purchased from the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, and the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Since their purchase, the casts have been used extensively by the Logie Collection curators and Classics Department staff for display and teaching. The Canterbury earthquake of 4th September 2010 had a major impact on all of the objects in the Logie Collection and should not be forgotten when viewing the collection. Extensive conservation was undertaken during 2011-2012, and the casts were placed back in their home at the Classics Department some months later. Some of the repair work is evident, although the repairs do not detract from the quality from the casts. In fact, the conservation makes them richer in history and unique to the Logie Collection.

Relief sculpture
Amongst the cast collection are copies of the relief sculpture from the Parthenon, including this one of a horse and rider. JLMC CC25, James Logie Memorial Collection