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Cast Collection Project

04 November 2023

This online exhibition is the result of a project undertaken by honours student Lauren Buckeridge, who worked as an intern with the Logie Collection in 2015.

The James Logie Memorial Collection is one of the University of Canterbury's great treasures, and is housed within the Department of Classics. The Logie Collection contains some of the finest classical antiquities in New Zealand, and is available for public vewing, research and teaching. In addition to offering classes for primary, secondary and tertiary students from a range of disciplines, the Logie Collection supports learning at UC by offering a number of internships each year. In 2017, the Collection will move to a new home in the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, housed in the old Chemistry building in the historic Christchurch Arts Centre.

Introducing... Lauren Buckeridge

Lauren graduated from UC in 2015 with a BA(Hons) in Classics. Her involvement with the James Logie Memorial Collection began with an Arts internship, working specifically with the cast collection. As part of the project, she researched information on the casts and catalogued them for use online and in exhibitions. She also researched the history of plaster cast making, looking specifically at the reception and treatment of casts in Western art history.

Lauren's passion for ancient history began with her study of Latin language at James Hargest High School in Invercargill. She is especially interested in material culture, as well as architecture and art. Lauren says that her studies in Classics have been surprisingly rewarding in everyday life, and will be a lifelong area of interest. She hopes to travel to Europe, and particularly to the Mediterranean to see the art she has been studying for years.

Arts Internships

The Arts Internships programme works jointly with businesses and community organisations to provide productive and strategic outcomes on real-world projects. Interns are able to gain valuable work experience with a business or organization, and complete an academic research component related to their work experience.

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