Varvara Vetrova

Senior LecturerVarvara Vetrova

Jack Erskine 712
Internal Phone: 92473

Research Interests

Applied statistics and machine learning in environmental domain, Applications of deep neural networks for fine-grained recognition.
Developing new methods for spatio-temporal forecasting, in particular with applications to extreme climate events.

Recent Publications

  • Paramonov V., Shigarov A. and Vetrova V. (2020) Table Header Correction Algorithm Based on Heuristics for Improving Spreadsheet Data Extraction. In Communications in Computer and Information Science 1283 CCIS: 147-158.
  • Paramonov V., Shigarov A., Vetrova V. and Mikhailov A. (2020) Heuristic Algorithm for Recovering a Physical Structure of Spreadsheet Header. In Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1050: 140-149.
  • Coup S., Vetrova V., Frank E. and Rachael T. (2019) Domain specific transfer learning using image mixing and and stochastic image selection. In.
  • Vetrova V., Coup S., Frank E. and Cree MJ. (2019) Hidden Features: Experiments with Feature Transfer for Fine-Grained Multi-Class and One-Class Image Categorization. In Proceedings - IVCNZ 2018: 6.
  • Vetrova V., Coup S., Frank E. and Cree M. (2018) Difference in details: transfer learning case study of “cryptic” plants and moths. In : 4.