tom logan

LecturerTom Logan

Civil Systems Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E425
Internal Phone: 91237
Mobile: 0272874474
How do we prepare our cities and communities for the changing and uncertain climate?

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I study the risk to and resilience of urban systems. My research is focused on transforming how we design and realize our cities in the face of climate change. I use risk science, systems engineering, modeling, and statistics to adapt our cities.

For media enquiries, please call/txt me (027 287 4474) or email me.

I am available in a consulting capacity.

Recent Publications

  • Anderson MJ., Kiddle DAF. and Logan TM. (2022) The underestimated role of the transportation network: Improving disaster & community resilience. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 106
  • Logan TML., Aven T., Guikema SD. and Flage R. (2022) Risk science offers an integrated approach to resilience. Nature Sustainability
  • Williams TG., Brown DG., Guikema SD., Logan TM., Magliocca NR., Müller B. and Steger CE. (2022) Integrating Equity Considerations into Agent-Based Modeling: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Guidance. JASSS 25(3)
  • Anna K. and McLeod Logan T. (2021) Resilience: Lessons to be learned from safety and acceptable risk. Journal of Safety Science and Resilience 2(4): 253-257.
  • Logan TM., Anderson MJ., Williams TG. and Conrow L. (2021) Measuring inequalities in urban systems: An approach for evaluating the distribution of amenities and burdens. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 86