Tom Cochrane

ProfessorTom Cochrane

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E407
Internal Phone: 95074
Water and Land Resources

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Catchment hydrology, sediment transport and open channel flow, GIS modelling of land and water resources, irrigation, soil erosion, land use change

Recent Publications

  • Measures RJ., Hart DE., Cochrane TA. and Hicks DM. (2020) Processes controlling river-mouth lagoon dynamics on high-energy mixed sand and gravel coasts. Marine Geology 420
  • Chakravarthy K., Charters F. and Cochrane T. (2019) The impact of urbanisation on New Zealand freshwater quality. Policy Quarterly 15(3): 17-21.
  • Cochrane TA., Yoder DC., Flanagan DC. and Dabney SM. (2019) Quantifying and modeling sediment yields from interrill erosion under armouring. Soil and Tillage Research 195
  • Johannsen L., Balenovic N., Strauss P., Dosta T., Neumann M., Zumr D., Cochrane T. and Klik A. (2019) Comparison of three types of disdrometers under natural rainfall conditions. .
  • Kaura M., Arias ME., Benjamin JA., Oeurng C. and Cochrane TA. (2019) Benefits of forest conservation on riverine sediment and hydropower in the Tonle Sap Basin, Cambodia. Ecosystem Services 39