Tom Cochrane

ProfessorTom Cochrane

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering
Internal Phone: 95074
Water and Land Resources

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Catchment hydrology, sediment transport and open channel flow, GIS modelling of land and water resources, irrigation, soil erosion, land use change

Recent Publications

  • Chakravarthy K., Charters F. and Cochrane T. (2019) The impact of urbanisation on New Zealand freshwater quality. Policy Quarterly 15(3): 17-21.
  • Cochrane TA., Yoder DC., Flanagan DC. and Dabney SM. (2019) Quantifying and modeling sediment yields from interrill erosion under armouring. Soil and Tillage Research 195
  • Kaura M., Arias ME., Benjamin JA., Oeurng C. and Cochrane TA. (2019) Benefits of forest conservation on riverine sediment and hydropower in the Tonle Sap Basin, Cambodia. Ecosystem Services 39
  • Mazumdar S., Bagheri N., Chong S., Cochrane T., Jalaludin B. and Davey R. (2019) A Hotspot of Walking in and around the Central Business District: Leveraging Coarsely Geocoded Routinely Collected Data. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy
  • Oeurng C., Cochrane TA., Chung S., Kondolf MG., Piman T. and Arias ME. (2019) Assessing climate change impacts on river flows in the Tonle Sap Lake Basin, Cambodia. Water (Switzerland) 11(3)