ProfessorTom Cochrane

Deputy Head of Department
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E407
Internal Phone: 95074
Water and Land Resources

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Catchment hydrology, sediment transport and open channel flow, GIS modelling of land and water resources, irrigation, soil erosion, land use change

Recent Publications

  • Bremner C., Cochrane TA., McGuigan P. and Bello-Mendoza R. (2020) Removal of dissolved heavy metals from stormwater by filtration with granular recycled glass and mussel shell with and without microalgae biofilm. Environmental Technology and Innovation 18
  • Charters F., Cochrane T. and O'Sullivan A. (2020) Predicting Event-Based Sediment and Heavy Metal Loads in Untreated Urban Runoff from Impermeable Surfaces. Water 12(4)
  • Johannsen LL., Zambon N., Strauss P., Dostal T., Neumann M., Zumr D., Cochrane TA. and Klik A. (2020) Impact of disdrometer types on rainfall erosivity estimation. Water (Switzerland) 12(4)
  • Measures RJ., Hart DE., Cochrane TA. and Hicks DM. (2020) Processes controlling river-mouth lagoon dynamics on high-energy mixed sand and gravel coasts. Marine Geology 420
  • Souter NJ., Shaad K., Vollmer D., Regan HM., Farrell TA., Arnaiz M., Meynell PJ., Cochrane TA., Arias ME. and Piman T. (2020) Using the freshwater health index to assess hydropower development scenarios in the sesan, srepok and sekong river basin. Water (Switzerland) 12(3)