Timothy Sullivan

ProfessorTim Sullivan

Director of Studies (Earthquake Engineering) Taught Masters Programme Director
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering E437
Internal Phone: 92263

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Recent Publications

  • Calvi GM., Sullivan TJ. and Welch DP. (2014) A Seismic Performance Classification Framework to Provide Increased Seismic Resilience. 361-400. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-07118-3_11.
  • Maley TJ., Sullivan TJ. and Lago A. (2014) Characterising the Seismic Behaviour of Steel MRF Structures. .
  • Roldan R., Welch DP., Nievas CI., Sullivan TJ., Correia AA. and Calvi GM. (2014) Guidelines for the Performance. Based Seismic Design of Steel MRF Structures. IUSS Press. 1-175.
  • Sullivan TJ. and O'Reilly GJ. (2014) Characterising the Seismic Behaviour of Steel Beam. Column Joints for Seismic Design. .
  • Sullivan TJ. and Calvi GM. (2013) Developments in the field of displacement based seismic assessment. Pavia, Italy: IUSS Press.