Timothy Sullivan

ProfessorTim Sullivan

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering E437
Internal Phone: 92263
My research aims to reduce seismic risk in a sustainable and cost-effective way. My teaching aims to empower and motivate others to do the same.


Research Interests

Tim’s research focusses on improving the fundamentals of seismic design, assessment and retrofit for structural and non-structural elements and systems. He has been leading national research projects related to Next Generation Infrastructure, Resilient Buildings and Low-damage Design. Tim uses experimental testing and loss-assessment techniques to demonstrate the performance of different engineering design and retrofit strategies and enjoys developing new technologies and systems that improve seismic performance. His research includes examination of medium-rise and tall commercial buildings, bridges and more recently, housing. He has a particular interest in the use of base-isolation and energy dissipation to enhance the seismic performance of buildings and building contents. Tim has considerable consulting experience and enjoys collaborating with industry.

Recent Publications