Shusheng Pang

ProfessorShusheng Pang

LINK 313
Internal Phone: 94094

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include woody biomass energy and bioliquid fuels, wood based composites, wood processing with strengths on drying of wood and wood based materials, wood quality and wood properties related to drying. In addition, he is interested in drying of particular materials, evaporation, and heat and mass transfer processes. Specific research interests are:
-Thermal gasification of woody biomass for energy and liquid fuels.
-Pyrolysis of waste plastics and woody biomass for liquid fuels.
-Product development and processing technologies for wood – plastic composites.
-Kiln drying of softwood timber: drying modelling, model validation and practical application.
-Modelling of drying stress and board deformation for kiln drying of softwood timber.
-Drying related wood properties, thermal dynamics and wood-water relationships.
-Quality drying of timber: studies on wood discolouration, checking, residual drying stress, warp and instability.
-Fibre processing (particularly on drying) and mat hot pressing for MDF production.
-Modelling of veneer drying for production of plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL).
-LVL hot pressing with microwave preheating.
-New technologies and environmental issues in drying of wood and wood based materials.
-Alternative drying medium for high quality drying.
-Kiln emission quantification and reduction in wood and wood product processing.

Recent Publications

  • Fang S., Wang X., Li P., Bai J., Chang C., Wang X., Song J. and Pang S. (2023) Effects of potassium salt on the pyrolysis products characteristics of alkali lignin from furfural residue. Fuel 333
  • Lee MHK., Yin H., Khan WU., Lam FLY., Watson M., Ok Y., Pang S. and Yip ACK. (2023) A new hydrogenation-coupling approach for supra-equilibrium conversion in a water–gas shift reaction: simultaneous hydrogen generation and chemical storage. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  • Zhao S., Wang Z., Chang C., Li P., Xu G. and Pang S. (2023) Enhanced production of levulinic acid/ester from furfural residue via pretreatment and two-stage alcoholysis. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 13(4): 2933-2946.
  • Bai J., Gao H., Xu J., Li L., Zheng P., Li P., Song J., Chang C. and Pang S. (2022) Comprehensive study on the pyrolysis product characteristics of tobacco stems based on a novel nitrogen-enriched pyrolysis method. Energy 242
  • Castro J., Leaver J. and Pang S. (2022) Simulation and Techno-Economic Assessment of Hydrogen Production from Biomass Gasification-Based Processes: A Review. Energies 15 8455