LecturerRebecca Peer

Civil Systems Engineering
Internal Phone: 90913


Research Interests

My research is focused on infrastructure systems, in particular energy. A majority of my work focuses on the relationship between energy and natural systems (e.g., water, land, climate) for current, planned, and future energy pathways. This includes assessments like carbon accounting, water footprinting, multi-criteria optimisation, and more. I often use computational modelling, data analysis, and statistics in my work.

Currently, I seeking applications for:
- 1 PhD position focusing on evaluating the environmental impacts of future energy transition pathways in Aotearoa New Zealand

For other information about my work and student opportunities, please see my personal website:

Recent Publications

  • Chini CM., Nugent J., Stillwell AS. and Peer RAM. (2022) A critical review on the accounting of energy in virtual water trade. Journal of Cleaner Production 379
  • Titus K., Dempsey D. and Peer R. (2022) Carbon Negative Geothermal: Theoretical Combined Geothermal-BECCS Injection Cycle. In University of Auckland.
  • Chini CM. and Peer RAM. (2021) The traded water footprint of global energy from 2010 to 2018. Scientific Data 8(1)
  • Henry CL., Eshraghi H., Lugovoy O., Waite MB., DeCarolis JF., Farnham DJ., Ruggles TH., Peer RAM., Wu Y. and de Queiroz A. (2021) Promoting reproducibility and increased collaboration in electric sector capacity expansion models with community benchmarking and intercomparison efforts. Applied Energy 304
  • Peer RAM. and Chini CM. (2021) Historical values of water and carbon intensity of global electricity production. Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability 1(2): 025001-025001.