Miguel Morales

LecturerMiguel Morales

SENG First Professional Year Coordinator
Jack Erskine Rm 210
Internal Phone: 92988
I enjoy teaching and base it on simple strategies: Motivate students; Teach clearly, concisely and critically; and Connect with real life.


Research Interests

My main research interests fall under a wide range of Software Engineering related topics. Particularly, I work on software process improvement in small organizations through the bottom-up approach, privacy issues in software design and serious games applied to software development and teaching.
I am also interested in IT Project Management, Standardization and Databases.

Recent Publications

  • Morales M., García-Mireles GA., Matla-Cruz EO. and Piattini M. (2019) A Systematic Mapping Study on Privacy by Design in Software Engineering. CLEI Electronic Journal 22(1) http://dx.doi.org/10.19153/cleiej.22.1.4.
  • Morales Trujillo M., Oktaba H., Piattini M. and Escalante-Ramirez B. (2019) Bottom-up Authoring of Software Engineering Methods and Practices. Journal of Applied Research and Technology.
  • Morales Trujillo M., Oktaba H., Hernandez-Quiroz F. and Escalante-Ramirez B. (2018) Towards a Formalization of a Framework to Express and Reason about Software Engineering Methods. Computing and Informatics 37(1): 109-141. http://dx.doi.org/10.4149/cai-018-1.109.
  • Morales-Trujillo M., Oktaba H., Hernandez-Quiroz F. and Escalante-Ramirez B. (2018) TOWARDS A FORMALIZATION OF A FRAMEWORK TO EXPRESS AND REASON ABOUT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING METHODS. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS 37(1): 109-141. http://dx.doi.org/10.4149/cai_2018_1_109.
  • Arauz Ortiz G., Morales Trujillo ME., Oktaba H. and Ramirez Hernandez E. (2016) Integrating Agile Methods into a Level 5 CMMI-DEV Organization: a Case Study. IEEE Latin America Transactions 14(3): 1440-1446. http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/TLA.2016.7459632.