Matthew Hughes

Senior LecturerMatthew Hughes

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446
Internal Phone: 94599
Integrating humanitarianism and Indigeneity with engineering and science to meet our challenges of flourishing in the Anthropocene.


Research Interests

My research activities centre on the interplay between communities and natural and engineered systems. I conduct multidisciplinary and multi-agency research investigating how communities are impacted by and in turn influence the development of infrastructure, impacts of hazards on infrastructure and communities, and how long-term climate and landscape evolution processes will impact cultural heritage and settlements into the Anthropocene.

Recent Publications

  • Bosserelle A., Morgan L. and Hughes M. (2022) Groundwater Rise and Associated Flooding in Coastal Settlements due to Sea-Level Rise: A Review of Processes and Methods. Earth's Future 10(7) e2021EF002580
  • Wilkinson C., Macfarlane AH., Hikuroa DCH., McConchie C., Payne M., Holmes H., Mohi R. and Hughes MW. (2022) Landscape change as a platform for environmental and social healing. Kotuitui 17(3): 352-377.
  • Williams JH., Wilson TM., Wotherspoon L., Paulik R., Lane EM., Horspool N., Weir A., Hughes MW., Schoenfeld MR. and Brannigan D. (2022) Tsunami damage and post-event disruption assessment of road and electricity infrastructure: A collaborative multi-agency approach in Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 72
  • Davies A., Zorn C., Wilson TM., Wotherspoon L., Beaven S., Davies T. and Matthew H. (2021) Infrastructure Failure Propagations and Recovery Strategies from an Alpine Fault Earthquake Scenario: Establishing Feedback Loops Between Integrated Modelling and Participatory Processes for Disaster Impact Reduction. Bulletin of the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering 54(2): 82-96.
  • Lane EM., Thomas KL., Schoenfeld MR., Wilson TM. and Hughes MW. (2020) The scientific response to the 14 November 2016 Kaikōura tsunami – Lessons learnt from a moderate event. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 47