Mark Milke

ProfessorMark Milke

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E440
Internal Phone: 92154
My teaching aim is to turn engineering students into graduates prepared for life-long learning as professional engineers.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research spans a wide range of topics in solid waste management, civil engineering systems, and engineering education. I look to where society will need research, before a need is recognised.
A complete restart is needed on freshwater management. I worked with Management Scientists on research leading to the book Smart Markets for Water Resources: A Manual for Implementation. We show how an auction system can be work to set prices that reflect variable environmental impacts, and so protect the environment in an economically efficient way. I am working with Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu on a trial in the Ngai Tuahuriri catchment.
Little research exists at the intersection of solid waste management and risk. Early in 2010, I started research on management of solid waste after disasters. The PhD student became a world leader on the topic and was seconded to the Canterbury effort in 2011-2012. I continue with research into illegal dumping.
I have moved increasingly into civil engineering systems because complex problems require systems tools and systems thinking. I am Co-Editor-in-Chief for the international research journal Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems, and have edited a number of special issues including one on resilience. I have research underway looking at ways to facilitate better disaster response through linked improvements in infrastructure and social resilience.
I have been a NZ ChartProfEng since 2007, and believe that research is needed to improve how engineering learning is updated. There is little point in new research into climate change when it takes 20 years for practice to change because of weak lifelong learning. I have a strong desire to lead research into changing education for professionals to allow for more rapid change in practice.

Recent Publications

  • Brown CO., Hayes JL. and Milke MW. (2021) Planning to adapt: identifying key decision drivers in disaster response planning. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems 38(1): 20-35.
  • Delatte N. and Milke M. (2020) Moving to resilience and robustness and implications for engineering design. In Proceedings of International Structural Engineering and Construction 7(2): RAD-03-1-RAD-03-6.