Brian Guo

Senior LecturerBrian Guo

Construction Management Director of Studies
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E412
Internal Phone: 94639


Research Interests

Brian's research focuses on developing smart construction site for more intelligent progress monitoring, site management, and health and safety management. He is also interested in researching construction management education using techniques like learning objects, ontology, and AI. Brian has secured more than NZ$300K research funds in different research roles.

Recent Publications

  • Guo B. and Gonzalez V. (2020) An Ontological Framework of BIM Tertiary Education..
  • Guo B., Gonzalez V., Puolitaival T. and Enegbuma W. (2020) BIM Tertiary Education in New Zealand Status Quo, Gaps, and Outlook..
  • Guo H. (2015) Change Safety Climate.75-76.
  • Abdelaal F. and Guo BHW. (2021) Knowledge, attitude and practice of green building design and assessment: New Zealand case. Building and Environment 201
  • Guo B., Zou Y., Yihai F., Goh YM. and Zou P. (2021) Computer vision technologies for safety science and management in construction: A critical review and future research directions. Safety Science 135