Geoff Chase

Distinguished ProfessorGeoff Chase

Advisor to Students with Disabilities
Civil Mechanical E502
Internal Phone: 92182


Research Interests

Dynamic systems modelling and control applied to medicine and structures, with focus on intensive / acute care medicine and earthquake engineering

Recent Publications

  • Abu-Samah A., Knopp JL., Razak NNA., Razak AA., Jamaludin UK., Suhaimi FM., Ralib AM., Nor MBM., Chase JG. and Pretty CG. (2019) Model-based glycemic control in a malaysian intensive care unit: Performance and safety study. Medical Devices: Evidence and Research 12: 215-226.
  • Abu-Samah A., Razak NNA., Suhaimi FM., Jamaludin UK. and Chase JG. (2019) Towards personalized intensive care decision support using a Bayesian network: A multicenter glycemic control study. IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing 8(3): 202-209.
  • Allison SJ., Docherty PD., Pons D. and Chase JG. (2019) A bootstrap approach for predicting fluoride toxicity in paramedics after occupational methoxyflurane exposure. IFAC Journal of Systems and Control 9
  • Amies AC., Pretty CG., Rodgers GW. and Chase JG. (2019) Experimental Validation of a Radar-Based Structural Health Monitoring System. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 24(5): 2064-2072.
  • Chanchi Golondrino JC., MacRae GA., Chase JG., Rodgers GW. and Clifton GC. (2019) Asymmetric Friction Connection (AFC) design for seismic energy dissipation. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 157: 70-81.