Geertrui Van de Voorde

Senior LecturerGeertrui Van de Voorde

Jack Erskine 724
Internal Phone: 95641


Research Interests

My main research interest is finite projective geometry. In particular, I study the interplay between the combinatorial properties of particular sets and their algebraic description.

Moreover, I am interested in the links between finite geometry and other areas. Many open problems in coding theory can be translated into a purely geometrical problem. Similarly, examples of (extremal) graphs often arise from finite geometry.

Recent Publications

  • Van de Voorde G. (2021) Codes from finite projective planes. Napier, NZ: NZMRI Summer meeting, 11 Jan 2021.
  • Van de Voorde G. (2019) A geometric view on rank-metric codes. Auckland, New Zealand: Groups and Geometry, 18 Jan 2019.
  • Van de Voorde G. (2019) F2-linear sets, translation hyperovals and KM-arcs. Adelaide, Australia: Finite Geometry: a workshop in honour of Tim Penttila, 16 Dec 2019.
  • Van de Voorde G. (2019) Linear sets. Brussels, Belgium: Finite Geometry and Friends, 17 Jun 2019.
  • Van de Voorde G. (2019) On the product of elements with prescribed trace. Christchurch, NZ: NZ number theory workshop, 26 Aug 2019.