Gabriele Chiaro

Associate ProfessorGabriele Chiaro

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446A
Internal Phone: 92248

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research interests include mainly, but not limited to, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and related problems (e.g. soil liquefaction and its remediation); constitutive modelling for geomaterials; development of advanced laboratory testing devices (triaxial tests with static local deformation and dynamic measurements; torsional shear tests from very small to large strain levels); geo-hazard reconnaissance and mitigation (e.g. 2015 Gorkha Nepal Earthquake; sinkholes in Pokhara Valley, Nepal); beneficial reuse/recycling of waste materials for sustainable geo-constructions; ground improvement techniques for granular soils.

Recent Publications

  • Jastrzębska M., Kazimierowicz-Frankowska K., Chiaro G. and Rybak J. (2023) New Frontiers in Sustainable Geotechnics. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 13(1)
  • Saomoto H., Kikkawa N., Moriguchi S., Nakata Y., Otsubo M., Angelidakis V., Cheng YP., Chew K., Chiaro G. and Duriez J. (2023) Round robin test on angle of repose: DEM simulation results collected from 16 groups around the world. Soils and Foundations 63(1)
  • Chew K., Chiaro G., Vinod JS., Tasalloti A. and Allulakshmi K. (2022) Direct shear behavior of gravel-rubber mixtures: Discrete element modeling and microscopic investigations. Soils and Foundations 62(3)
  • Chiaro G., Kiyota T., Umar M. and Cappellaro C. (2022) Earthquake-Induced Flow-Type Slope Failure in Weathered Volcanic Deposits—A Case Study: The 16 April 2016 Takanodai Landslide, Japan. Geosciences (Switzerland) 12(11)
  • Chiaro G., Palermo A., Banasiak L., Tasalloti A., Granello G. and Hernandez E. (2022) Seismic response of low-rise buildings with eco-rubber geotechnical seismic isolation (ERGSI) foundation system: numerical investigation. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering