Eric Scheepbouwer

Associate ProfessorEric Scheepbouwer

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E404
Internal Phone: 92254


Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of construction management, project delivery and procurement, value management and productivity.

Recent Publications

  • Gransberg DD., Lopez del Puerto C., Jeong HD., Harper C. and Scheepbouwer E. (2018) AASHTO Partnering Handbook 2018. Washington, DC: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
  • Gransberg DD., Scheepbouwer E. and Loulakis MC. (2015) Alliance Contracting - Evolving Alternative Project Delivery. Washington D.C.: Transportation Research Board Business Office. 72.
  • Guo BHW., Weston R., Jianphinitnan P., Liu W., Scheepbouwer E., van der Walt D. and Goh YM. (2021) A regulatory perspective on safety in design practices in New Zealand. Safety Science 141
  • van der Walt JD., Botha PS. and Scheepbouwer E. (2019) When to Engage the Contractor for Pre-Construction Services in New Zealand. Transportation Research Record 2673(2): 562-570.
  • del Puerto CL., Scheepbouwer E., Gransberg DD. and Loulakis MC. (2017) Emergency Megaproject Case Study Protest: The Interstate Highway 35 West Bridge. Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction 9(3) 04517004: 04517004-04517004.