Dennis Pau

LecturerDennis Pau

Fire Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E313
Internal Phone: 92081


Research Interests

My research interests and activities relate to the burning behaviour of fire hazardous materials. The type of fuels investigated include common plastic and cellulosic fuels. The research objective aims to develop the fire science knowledge about these fuels, and to evaluate and improve the predictive capability of numerical fire models.

My research also covers fire safety of the built environments, including energy efficient/sustainable buildings, high-rise, cultural heritage etc. The research objective is to enhance the life safety of people and property protection by developing the fire engineering best practices.

Recent Publications

  • Zhang J., Guo Y., Pau D., Li K., Xie K. and Zou Y. (2021) Pyrolysis kinetics and determination of organic components and N-alkanes yields of Karamay transformer oil using TG, FTIR and Py-GC/MS analyses. Fuel 306
  • Pau DSW., Fleischmann CM. and Delichatsios MA. (2020) Apparatus for investigating the burning and dripping of vertically oriented polyurethane foams. Fire and Materials 44(2): 211-229.
  • Pau DSW., Fleischmann CM. and Delichatsios MA. (2020) Thermal decomposition of flexible polyurethane foams in air. Fire Safety Journal 111
  • Fleischmann C., Pau D., Montgomery J. and Evans L. (2019) Sensitivity Analysis of Smoke Flow in New Zealand High-Rise Stairwells. In Wu G-Y; Tsai K-C; Chow W-K (Eds). The Proceedings of the 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology 1Singapore: Springer.
  • Pau D., Duncan C. and Fleischmann C. (2019) Performance-based fire engineering design of a heritage building: McDougall house case study. Safety 5(3)