Christoph Bartneck

Associate ProfessorChristoph Bartneck

John Britten Rm 211b
Internal Phone: 92443

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Dr. Christoph Bartneck is an associate professor and director of postgraduate studies at the HIT Lab NZ of the University of Canterbury. He has a background in Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction, and his projects and studies have been published in leading journals, newspapers, and conferences. His interests lie in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Science and Technology Studies, and Visual Design. More specifically, he focuses on the effect of anthropomorphism on human-robot interaction. As a secondary research interest he works on bibliometric analyses, agent based social simulations, and the critical review on scientific processes and policies. In the field of Design Christoph investigates the history of product design, tessellations and photography.

He has worked for several international organizations including the Technology Centre of Hannover (Germany), LEGO (Denmark), Eagle River Interactive (USA), Philips Research (Netherlands), ATR (Japan), and The Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands). The press regularly reports on his work, including the New Scientist, Scientific American, Popular Science, Wired, New York Times, The Times, BBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Economist.

Recent Publications

  • Allan DD., Vonasch AJ. and Bartneck C. (2021) The Doors of Social Robot Perception: The Influence of Implicit Self-theories. International Journal of Social Robotics
  • Alnajjar F., Bartneck C., Baxter P., Belpaeme T., Cappuccio M., Dio CD., Eyssel F., Handke J., Mubin O. and Obaid M. (2021) Robots in Education An Introduction to High-Tech Social Agents, Intelligent Tutors, and Curricular Tools. Routledge. 220.
  • Alnajjar F., Obaid M., Bartneck C., Baxter P., Belpaeme T., Cappuccio ML., Dio C., Eyssel F., Handke J. and Mubin O. (2021) Roboter in der Bildung Wie Robotik das Lernen im digitalen Zeitalter bereichern kann. 272.
  • Bartneck C. (2021) The Laws Of Robotics. The Human-Robot Interaction Podcast(17) Christchurch: [Podcast].
  • Bartneck C. (2021) The Science Beyond the Horizon. The Human Robot Interaction Podcast 18 Christchurch: [Podcast].