Brendan Creutz

Senior LecturerBrendan Creutz

Jack Erskine 612
Internal Phone: 92471


Research Interests

Research interests are number theory and algebraic geometry.

Recent Publications

  • Creutz B. (2019) Generalized Jacobians and explicit descents. Mathematics of Computation
  • Creutz B. and Voloch JF. (2019) Tate-Shafarevich groups of constant elliptic curves and isogeny volcanos. arXiv.
  • Creutz B. and Voloch JF. (2019) The Brauer-Manin obstruction for constant curves over global function fields. arXiv.
  • Creutz B., Ho D. and Steinke GF. (2019) Three-dimensional connected groups of automorphisms of toroidal circle planes. Advances in Geometry
  • Creutz B. (2018) Improved rank bounds from 2-descent on hyperelliptic Jacobians. International Journal of Number Theory 14(6): 1709-1713.