Ben Adams

Senior LecturerBen Adams

Jack Erskine 310
Internal Phone: 95710
Ben Adams does research in spatial data science and interactive systems for geographic analysis.


Research Interests

In my research I am exploring new ways of using computing technology to advance human understanding of our environment and world. I am interested in understanding, modelling, and improving how the people who want to learn about the world (e.g., scientists, students, and policy makers) interact with and make decisions based on geographic knowledge represented in a computer. The research I undertake is both explanatory and constructive. In the first case I work to develop theories that explain how the information that we produce and share in digital form reflects human conceptualizations of the world. In the second case I build software systems that help people use geographic information better to solve problems. My research methodology is informed by methods from data science, machine learning, spatial information science, interactive systems, and cognitive science.

Recent Publications

  • Adams B. (2020) Chronotopic Information Interaction: Integrating Temporal and Spatial Structure for Historical Indexing and Interactive Search. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities
  • Adams B., Dodge S. and Purves R. (2020) JOSIS' 10th anniversary special feature. Journal of Spatial Information Science 20: 1-4.
  • Bahrehdar AR., Adams B. and Purves RS. (2020) Streets of London: Using Flickr and OpenStreetMap to build an interactive image of the city. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 84
  • Claramunt C., Adams B. and Gahegan M. (2020) Geographical Information Science observatories, theoretical and methodological transitions. Journal of Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Issues in Science 2020: 11.
  • McKenzie G. and Adams B. (2020) A country comparison of place-based activity response to COVID-19 policies. Applied Geography.