Andrew Bainbridge-Smith

Senior LecturerAndrew Bainbridge-Smith

Jack Erskine 303
Internal Phone: 91361


Research Interests

Current research interests include enhanced retinal imaging and how designs can be implemented in digital logical circuits.

Recent Publications

  • Motha J., Bainbridge-Smith A. and Weddell SJ. (2015) Cryptographic Techniques in Redundant Number Systems. In.
  • Al-Hasani F., Hayes MP. and Bainbridge-Smith ASL. (2013) A Common Subexpression Elimination Tree Algorithm. IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems 1 60(9): 2389-2400.
  • Marburg A., Hayes MP. and Bainbridge-Smith ALS. (2013) Pose Priors for Aerial Image Registation. Hobart, Australia: Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications Conference (DICTA 2013), 26-28 Nov 2013.
  • Marburg A., Hayes MP. and Bainbridge-Smith ASL. (2013) A machine vision extension to the Ruby programming language using OpenCV and FFI. Wellington, New Zealand: 28th International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ 2013), 27-29 Nov 2013.
  • Marburg A., Hayes M. and Bainbridge-Smith A. (2012) Evaluation of feature detectors for registering aerial images. In