Andrew Bainbridge-Smith

Deputy Head of DepartmentAndrew Bainbridge-Smith

Jack Erskine 303


Research Interests

Current research interests include enhanced retinal imaging and how designs can be implemented in digital logical circuits.

Recent Publications

  • McEwen B., Soltero K., Gutschmidt S., Bainbridge-Smith A., Atlas J. and Green R. (2023) Automatic noise reduction of extremely sparse vocalisations for bioacoustic monitoring. Ecological Informatics 77
  • Schofield S., Bainbridge-Smith A. and Green R. (2023) An improved semi-synthetic approach for creating visual-inertial odometry datasets. Graphical Models 126
  • Schofield S., Bainbridge-Smith A. and Green R. (2021) Evaluating Visual Inertial Odometry Using the Windy Forest Dataset. In International Conference Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2021-December
  • Motha J., Bainbridge-Smith A. and Weddell SJ. (2015) Cryptographic Techniques in Redundant Number Systems. In.
  • Al-Hasani F., Hayes MP. and Bainbridge-Smith ASL. (2013) A Common Subexpression Elimination Tree Algorithm. IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems 1 60(9): 2389-2400.