Alex Yip

Senior LecturerAlex Yip

Director of Third Professional Year Studies
Link Rm 403
Internal Phone: 94086


Research Interests

My research interests range widely, from the design of advanced nanomaterial to their structural determination to the application of the new catalyst that is both environmental and process economical benign. More specifically, I am interested in the synthesis of heterogeneous catalyst, photocatalysis and conversion of biomass to transportation fuels using acid catalysis.

Recent Publications

  • Baharudin L., Yip ACK., Golovko V. and Watson M. (2018) Potential of metal monoliths with grown carbon nanomaterials as catalyst support in intensified steam reformer: a perspective. Reviews in Chemical Engineering : 1-33.
  • Baharudin L., Yip ACK., Golovko V., Polson MIJ. and Watson MJ. (2018) CO temperature-programmed desorption of a hexameric copper hydride nanocluster catalyst supported on functionalized MWCNTs for active site characterization in a low-temperature water-gas shift reaction. Chemical Engineering Journal
  • Hashemizadeh I., Golovko V., Choi J., Tsang DCW. and Yip ACK. (2018) Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to hydrocarbons using bio-templated porous TiO2 architectures under UV and visible light. Chemical Engineering Journal 347: 64-73.
  • Hong S., Kim D., Jeong Y., Kim E., Jung JC., Choi N., Nam J., Yip ACK. and Choi J. (2018) Healing of Microdefects in SSZ-13 Membranes via Filling with Dye Molecules and Its Effect on Dry and Wet CO2 Separations. Chemistry of Materials 30(10): 3346-3358.
  • Jia X., Jeong Y., Baik H., Choi J. and Yip ACK. (2018) Increasing Resolution of Selectivity in Alkene Hydrogenation via Diffusion Length in Core-shell MFI zeolite. Catalysis Today 314: 94-100.