Alex James

Associate ProfessorAlex James

Jack Erskine 624
Internal Phone: 92425


Research Interests

My research interests focus on mathematical modelling, taking real life problems and using mathematics to explore their phenomenology and underlying principles. A key theme running through all my research projects is the drive to find simple models that can give qualitative solutions.

Recent Publications

  • Hackney M., James A. and Plank MJ. (2021) Cooperative and non-cooperative behaviour in the exploitation of a common renewable resource with environmental stochasticity. Applied Mathematical Modelling 89: 1041-1054.
  • Hendy S., Steyn N., James A., Plank MJ., Hannah K., Binny RN. and Lustig A. (2021) Mathematical modelling to inform New Zealand’s COVID-19 response. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand : 1-21.
  • Vattiato G., Plank MJ., James A. and Binny RN. (2021) Individual heterogeneity affects the outcome of small mammal pest eradication. Theoretical Ecology
  • Barrett-Walker T., Plank MJ., Ka'ai-Mahuta R., Hikuroa D. and James A. (2020) Kia kaua te reo e rite ki te moa, ka ngaro: Do not let the language suffer the same fate as the Moa. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 17(162)
  • Binny RN., Innes J., Fitzgerald N., Pech R., James A., Price R., Gillies C. and Byrom AE. (2020) Long-term biodiversity trajectories for pest-managed ecological restorations: eradication vs. suppression. Ecological Monographs