Alex James

Associate ProfessorAlex James

Jack Erskine 624
Internal Phone: 92425


Research Interests

My research interests focus on mathematical modelling, taking real life problems and using mathematics to explore their phenomenology and underlying principles. A key theme running through all my research projects is the drive to find simple models that can give qualitative solutions.

Recent Publications

  • Hackney M., James A. and Plank MJ. (2019) Emergence of balanced harvesting in an agent-based model of an open-access small-scale fishery. Mathematical Biosciences 316
  • James A., Binny RN., Lee WG., Payne J., Stringer N. and Holland EP. (2019) Predicting water levels in ephemeral wetlands under climate change scenarios. Theoretical Ecology
  • James A., Chisnall R. and Plank MJ. (2019) Gender and societies: A grassroots approach to women in science. Royal Society Open Science 6(9)
  • James A., McLeod J., Hendy S., Marks K., Rusu D., Nik S. and Plank MJ. (2019) Using family network data in child protection services. PLoS ONE 14(10)
  • Lustig A., James A., Anderson D. and Plank MJ. (2019) Pest control at a regional scale: Identifying key criteria using a spatially explicit, agent‐based model. Journal of Applied Ecology 56(7): 1515-1527.