Alex Gavryushkin

Associate ProfessorAlex Gavryushkin

RSNZ Rutherford Discovery Fellow
Jack Erskine 711
Internal Phone: 90212


Research Interests

I work with my colleagues at the Biological Data Science lab and our collaborators to develop mathematics and computer science necessary to answer rigorous questions about molecular data. Our ultimate goal is achieved when we observe how molecular biology and data science shape modern mathematics and computer science.

Recent Publications

  • Moravec JC., Lanfear R., Spector DL., Diermeier SD. and Gavryushkin A. (2023) Testing for Phylogenetic Signal in Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data. Journal of Computational Biology 30(4): 518-537.
  • Chen K., Moravec JC., Gavryushkin A., Welch D. and Drummond AJ. (2022) Accounting for Errors in Data Improves Divergence Time Estimates in Single-cell Cancer Evolution. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39(8)
  • Elmes K., Heywood A., Huang Z. and Gavryushkin A. (2022) A fast lasso-based method for inferring higher-order interactions. PLoS Computational Biology 18(12)
  • Gardner PP., Paterson JM., McGimpsey S., Ashari-Ghomi F., Umu SU., Pawlik A., Gavryushkin A. and Black MA. (2022) Sustained software development, not number of citations or journal choice, is indicative of accurate bioinformatic software. Genome Biology 23(1)
  • Powell RM., Pattison S., Moravec JC., Bhat B., Guirguis N., Markie D., Jones GT., Copedo J., Print CG. and Morison IM. (2022) Tuberous sclerosis complex: a complex case. Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies 8(3)