Alessandro Palermo

ProfessorAlessandro Palermo

Postgraduate Research Director On Sabbatical Sept 2022-Sept 2023
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E410
a) Teaching and Research is one seamless entity that feeds our society. b) Curiosity and passion make your working day an holiday!


Research Interests

• Seismic design of bridges
• Seismic design of jointed ductile self-centering systems
• Dynamic behaviour of rigid bodies with particular emphasis to historical buildings
• Modelling of the seismic behaviour of precast/prestressed and reinforced concrete connections and systems
• Long term effects of composite steel-concrete, reinforced and/or prestressed concrete structures
• Interaction of creep, shrinkage and temperature in concrete elements (seasonal thermal variations in prestressed bridges and external panels)
• Flexural and shear behaviour of fibre reinforced and high performance concrete structures
• Timber buildings and bridges
• Serviceability, durability and maintenance of concrete bridges

Recent Publications

  • Pampanin S., Palermo A. and Buchanan A. (2013) Post-Tensioned Timber Buildings - Design Guide. Christchurch: Structural Timber Innovation Company (STIC). 286.
  • Pampanin S., Palermo AG. and Buchanan A. (2013) Structural Timber Innovation Company Inc. (2013). "Post-Tensioned Timber Buildings - Design Guide. Christchurch: Structural Timber Innovation Company. 278.
  • Andisheh K., Scott A. and Palermo A. (2021) Effects of Corrosion on Stress–Strain Behavior of Confined Concrete. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 147(7)
  • Brown J., Li M., Palermo A., Pampanin S. and Sarti F. (2021) Experimental Testing of a Low-Damage Post-Tensioned C-shaped CLT Core-Wall. Journal of Structural Engineering 147(3)
  • Tasalloti A., Chiaro G., Banasiak L. and Palermo A. (2021) Experimental investigation of the mechanical behaviour of gravel-granulated tyre rubber mixtures. Construction and Building Materials 273