Aisling O'Sullivan

Associate ProfessorAisling O'Sullivan

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Rm E307
Internal Phone: 92045


Research Interests

1. Water Quality Monitoring and Modelling: quantifying and modelling the behaviour of recalcitrant metal and nutrient contaminants. Complementary research I have led includes developing algal-bacterial biomass as a second generation biofuel and modelling flow dynamics and water quality in living roofs systems.

2. Ecological Treatment Technologies: designing clean water engineering solutions that are holistically sustainable (e.g. ecologically, economically and culturally). Includes engineered wetlands; storm water bioinfiltration systems, green roof technology and innovative technologies such as the patented Storminator™ technology I co-invented. Applications developed for the mining, stormwater and agricultural sectors.

3. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): environmental impact(s) of engineered water treatment systems such as bioreactors and infiltration systems using LCA modelling software (Simapro) and Ecological Footprint metrics.

4. Engineering Education: pedagogy of engineering curricula to enhance engineering students competency in sustainability and biculturalism.

Recent Publications

  • O'Sullivan A., Cochrane T. and Charters F. (2018) A Device for Treating Roof Runoff.Patent No. 740976, New Zealand Patent Application 740976.
  • Charters F., Cochrane T. and O'Sullivan A. (2020) Predicting Event-Based Sediment and Heavy Metal Loads in Untreated Urban Runoff from Impermeable Surfaces. Water 12(4)
  • Uster B., Milke M., O'Sullivan A., Webster-Brown J., Pope J. and Trumm D. (2020) Effect of alkalinity source on mechanisms of iron, manganese and zinc removal from acid mine drainage by sulfate-reducing bioreactors. Bioremediation Journal.
  • Charters F., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2017) Characterising urban zinc generation to identify surface pollutant hotspots in a low intensity rainfall climate. Water Science and Technology 76(6) WST-EM161777R1: 1370-1377.
  • Charters FJ., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2016) Untreated runoff quality from roof and road surfaces in a low intensity rainfall climate. Science of the Total Environment 550: 265-272.