Aisling O'Sullivan

Senior LecturerAisling O'Sullivan

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Rm E307
Internal Phone: 92045


Research Interests

1. Water Quality Monitoring and Modelling: quantifying, modelling behaviour and mitigating contaminant loadings in urban contexts, employing remotely logged ecosensors, experimental data and modelling tools.

2. Ecological Treatment Technologies: designing ecologically-integrated treatment technologies for managing contaminants from mining and stormwater runoff. Includes engineered wetlands; storm water bioinfiltration systems and green roof technology.

3. Life Cycle Assessment: environmental impact of engineered structures such as bioreactors and infiltration systems for treating mine drainage and stormwater, respectively, using LCA modelling software.

Recent Publications

  • Charters F., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2017) Characterising urban zinc generation to identify surface pollutant hotspots in a low intensity rainfall climate. Water Science and Technology 76(6) WST-EM161777R1: 1370-1377.
  • Charters FJ., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan AD. (2016) Untreated runoff quality from roof and road surfaces in a low intensity rainfall climate. Science of the Total Environment 550: 265-272.
  • Fraga I., Charters FJ., O'Sullivan AD. and Cochrane TA. (2016) A novel modelling framework to prioritize estimation of non-point source pollution parameters for quantifying pollutant origin and discharge in urban catchments. Journal of Environmental Management 167: 75-84.
  • Murphy LU., Cochrane TA. and O'Sullivan A. (2016) The contribution of wet deposition and particulate matter to total copper, lead and zinc in stormwater runoff. Chemistry in New Zealand : 21-26.
  • Uster B., Milke M., Webster-Brown J., O'Sullivan AD., Pope J. and Trumm D. (2016) Mechanisms of iron, manganese and zinc removal from acid mine drainage by sulfate-reducing bioreactors. Applied Geochemistry (under review).