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Student story

Kalila Dayo

20 July 2023

"The internship boosted my confidence in being able to plan and conduct a project..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, and Management

HR Administrator

With an ambition to work in the human resources field, Kalila's studies have helped shape her knowledge and experiences in recruitment and development of employees.

"I'd love to be able to help create a workplace where people enjoy working, and assist people to recognise and grow in their talents," she says.

As part of her BCom degree at UC, Kalila was able to take steps towards her goal by completing an Intern Consulting Project at Connetics Ltd, through the MGMT 390 course.

Her project involved conducting interviews with a variety of employees, as well as researching current best practice in the industry for new staff inductions, then compiling a report and delivering a presentation on her findings.

"My project was to provide Connetics with recommendations for a technical induction programme content and structure, that would allow new employees to adjust to their new work environment and become competent in their work quickly," she says.

"My Connetics supervisor and my internship course supervisor were both very helpful and supportive in assisting me to reflect on my learnings in the workplace. The internship has also assisted me with understanding my own learning and communication style."

Kalila's work resulted in a new staff induction programme, which includes materials such as programme schedules, checklists, and evaluation forms for new employees.

The creation of the programme boosted Kalila's work-readiness skills, including professional communication skills in interviewing, writing and presenting findings, data collection and analysis, investigative research skills, and compiling reports.

"It has helped me to relate course content to what I saw in a working environment or organisation – understanding the different ways adults learn, and how to create programmes that meet the needs of the learner as well as the needs of the organisation, and understanding the value of gaining employees' opinions, ideas and support for changes in the organisation."

The benefits of doing an Intern Consulting Project are definitely worth making a part of your degree, according to Kalila.

"The internship boosted my confidence in being able to plan and conduct a project, and being able to cope with the adaptable nature found in most organisations," she says. "I would highly recommend doing an internship programme as a course, as it is a fantastic way to put into practice what you are learning in your university courses. It is also enjoyable to have a practical course alongside lecture-based courses."

Kalila also gained experience through her Student Leader role with the Unilife team. This involved working with first-year students to settle into life and study at university, as well as helping them connect with their fellow students and with opportunities around campus.

"I enjoyed meeting the many different people at UC. There are also so many opportunities to gain experience outside of lectures, such as events run by the UC's Centre for Entrepreneurship. There is always something happening on campus, whether it is through the UCSA or the numerous clubs at UC."

On graduating, Kalila achieved her employment goals. She now works in an interesting and varied HR role with a nationwide company. Kalila enjoys being able to perform a wide range of functions, from creating and co-facilitating workshops through to setting up HR processes and creating resources.

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