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Student story

Matthew Jones

02 August 2023

"I find it interesting learning how effective HR practices can play a big part in the success of an organisation..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Marketing

Intern, Connectics Ltd

Matthew discovered a passion for Human Resource Management (HRM) during his studies at UC, and looks forward to where it will take him in his career.

"I find it interesting learning how effective HR practices can play a big part in the success of an organisation, in attracting, managing, and retaining talented people," he says. "I enjoy the overall experience of being taught by many great Commerce lecturers, whose passion and enthusiasm for their courses makes the content interesting and engaging."

To give more value to his HRM studies, Matthew took on the opportunity to spend time as an intern within Connetics, an organisation known for its innovative approaches in the areas of leadership and high performance.

The goal of Matthew’s Intern Consulting Project (MGMT 390) was to research best practice and improvements to incident and accident investigations for affected employees, particularly within the electricity distribution industry.

Matthew conducted a series of interviews across the organisation around the current process, to compile a report on key trends and recommendations.

"I have really enjoyed the experience of being part of a professional and unique organisation like Connetics. I was really happy and satisfied seeing all my hard work over the course of the internship come together, but also how my work is going to make a difference," he says.

Being able to manage his own project was also an incredible learning experience. His interviewing and reporting work has led to improved written and verbal communication, particularly through interpersonal skills working with different groups across the organisation. He also developed his adaptability with on-the-job learning of skills in a new environment.

"The biggest gain for me was the experience working in a professional environment with many great people who are engaged and motivated in helping the business succeed. This is because of the invaluable real-life learning opportunity, which courses cannot provide; constantly learning from various people in the organisation who are experts in their fields, from areas such as High Performance and Health and Safety."

Alongside this, Matthew also found that he grew as an individual and developed clearer career goals.

"Considering my learning and skills developed in this internship experience, it has greatly enhanced my self-confidence. The experience has helped increase my passion for HR, seeing how effective it is at Connetics."

With such a positive result, Matthew keenly advises other students to consider strengthening their degree with an intern project.

"It was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have gained from university, even though at first it was quite daunting being part of a completely new environment. Having the real-life experience working in a professional environment is invaluable," he says. "Don’t be afraid to seek advice and learn from other people in the business, as they want you to succeed too."

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