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Student story

Charlotte Mee

20 July 2023

"I have made the most of what UC has to offer..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance

Graduate, Progressive Enterprises Ltd, Auckland

Originally keen on studying Graphic Design, Charlotte had her sights set on Victoria University for study. She eventually decided on UC’s Marketing programme instead, hoping to get the most out of her hometown.

"I wanted to stay in Christchurch and I always enjoyed Graphic Design, but did not think I wanted to pursue that so I decided that Marketing was the other side of the coin, still in the same area," she says.

Her decision turned out to be the best option for her university studies, and would lead to an exciting journey through UC.

"The more papers I did, the more I am glad I turned down Victoria and did Marketing at UC," she says. "The lecturers go out of their way to help you, they are engaging and all of the Marketing lecturers that I have had I have enjoyed. The people in my classes are now some of my best friends."

Charlotte has thoroughly enjoyed how well-rounded her Marketing studies are, and its preparation towards her future career path.

"Marketing is such a universal degree, and it can take you in so many directions. It has given me so many more skills than just ‘marketing’. It helps to build a well-rounded character by improving skills including public speaking, writing and communication, and professionalism," she says.

"I enjoy the practical aspect to class, where we get given real clients and know that our work is more than just an assignment. For example, I have done work for UCSA and Linden Leaves which they both took on board and could use. From this you create great friendships and make some good networks."

Using the Academic Skills Centre gave her an even better start to her studies.

"The Academic Skills Centre was a great help for my writing and referencing skills, in the first year especially. My writing skills used to lack flare and consistency, so I would take my essays and assignments there and they would help me understand how I can improve my writing. This has probably been one of the most helpful things at University for my writing skills."

Getting involved outside of lecturers has been Charlotte’s number one priority, and has led to an awesome amount of opportunities.

In 2016, Charlotte was the Promotions Manager for the UCSA club entré, where she organised marketing promotions for the club events and competitions.

"This was an awesome experience, not only for the practical marketing experience, but the people you meet from both entré and other clubs as well as the extra mentoring and opportunities entré gave me."

Taking the Marketing internship course MKTG 390 also gave her the opportunity to gain real-world industry skills with a company placement. "It was very valuable as I now have more than just academic knowledge and theory," she says.

Next year Charlotte is also doing a summer Arts Internship course PACE 295, which will involve a six-week trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

She has already had overseas experiences through UC. Charlotte was part of the winning team in the 21 Day Challenge for 2015, where groups of students create a solution for a Pacific nation and compete for the chance to put their plan into action. Charlotte’s group got to travel to Niue and support the community on sustainable food management.

She also took the summer course MGMT 228, which involves a study tour to China. She will be taking the trip a second time next year as a Tour Leader, to support new students in the course. Both of her trips have been funded with a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia.

"I participated in a Second Language Promotion Programme with Zhejiang Gongshang University and attended business visits in Shanghai while enjoying the food, culture and new country," she says.

Also on her list of extracurricular activities are competitive games in the UC Sport Social Sport Competitions, and participating in the SDS Case Study Competition against students from other New Zealand universities. "I have made the most of what UC has to offer," she admits.

With a graduate role coming up at Progressive Enterprises Auckland in their business leadership programme, Charlotte strongly encourages other students to get actively involved at Uni to start making memories and connections.

"I am open to all possibilities and just doing something I enjoy," she says. "Make the most of any opportunities you get given, say yes to everything."

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